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Admission Process

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Counselling is the first point of contact between you and Bright Future Consultancy where an expert counsellor shows you the different career paths and gives you updates on each one of them, our counsellor’s highlights your capabilities and potentials tells you what you must do next and accordingly gives you some options to start with, making sure you get admissions in the universities and the course of your choice and that best suit your aspirations and expectations at the same time we understand you only know better about your future plans, so we make sure you get admission in subjects you choose by respecting your decision and help you taking a final decision, if you still have a little bit of confusion about the subjects, the degrees, the universities/colleges and the countries, which have more potential for your career, for your future.

Application process goes through many stages and it starts right after you have finally decided on a course, university and country. Please note every country and university has a different admissions procedure and your application will go through the prescribed process irrespective to the process given below.

Admission Procedure and Documents Requirment
  1. No donation
  2. NEET Appear
  3. He / She must have passed in 12th sci Physics,Chemistry,Biology minimum 50%Marks
  4. Admission is based on first come serve basis.
  5. SSC and HSC certificates and Marksheets Valid Indian Passport
Admission Processing charges
  1. OSH State Medical University D. D. Rs.75000/- For Invitation Letter, Visa, Air ticket, Bus Fair,Meal at arrival,Admission Process
  2. IVANO-FRANKIVSK NATIONAL MEDICAL University D. D. Rs.75,000/- For Invitation Letter, Visa, Air ticket,MCI Documentation, Bus Fair, Meal at arrival, Medical Insurance, Delhi Transportation, Leagalization from HRD, Admission Process (Demand Draft (DD) in favour of BRIGHT FUTURE EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY (Non Refundable))
  1. Medical If required
  2. Preparation of Visa Documents, Appointment set up
  3. Visa Submission
  4. Embassy Interview if required
  1. Flight booking
  2. Pre departure orientation
  3. Departure
  4. Meet & Greet In case of students travelling solo our representative will meet them before departure and on arrival of the final destination.
  1. Accommodation, assistance with regard to accommodation will be provided to students if signed up
  2. Food, assistance with regard to food and its delivery at student prices and as per students taste.
  3. Insurance is very important aspect while studying abroad, guidance with regard to best available plans as required
  4. Residency, as soon you start studying in the university, you will to require to file for the proper residency visa, we will be guiding you through process and in some countries where the process is difficult to undrstand we just take care of it all.
  5. Lawyer Assistance, we understand we need to protect your rights as a foreign citizen in case of difficulty, we already have listed lawyers who will be there to help for which nominal service fees will be charged and must be given to the lawyer directly.